Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Ode To My Dad

Can I just take a minute to say that my dad is awesome? I mean, this man is a workhorse. Now he has not one, but two daughters with fixer uppers who basically have no idea what they are doing. And so he spends all day at one house then the other the next day. And he loves it. He calls me and asks if he can come work. And he works while I'm not even here. This past month or two he has helped me put up peg board in my pantry and then put more up on his own in the garage, built a dutch door in my pantry to keep out my crazy dog, spent hours unclogging my bathroom sink, broke up old concrete in my backyard and now we're building the coolest enclosure ever for my water heater. And when I say 'we' are building something, it generally means he is building it and I'm providing general assistance and logistical control. And who else's dad hoards saves old barn wood and nails for decades in the hopes that it will be used for a cool project? Mine does. Most people would look at that pile of old wood and take it to the dumps, but me and my dad pick through it for the oldest, gnarliest, knotiest pieces of wood to use. This love of old stuff obviously runs in the family. Yup, I may not have appreciated him much when I was a teenager (aka angry brat), but I do now! Thanks Dad.

ps, my mom is pretty awesome too, but I'll save that for another day.