Friday, November 4, 2011

I feel like I've forgotten what it's like to care about things beyond myself for a while now. There's a whole world outside my little bubble and I'd like to be a part of it again.

Staycation: Days 5 & 6

Oops, I got a bit behind on the posting. I've been busy!! So, days 5 and 6 consisted of hammering, hammering and a bit more hammering. Then we hammered some more. But the roof is done now, just in time for the rain this week! My dad and I got the tar paper on and then hammered more shingles on than I care to think about. It looks great. I'm thinking about permanently leaving the ladder there so I can hang out up there and watch the planes go by and my neighbors smoke weed aallllllllllll day long. You learn a lot hanging out on a roof for days at a time.

My mom finished putting the hooks on the curtains on Saturday and they look great! I really am happy with them and it's nice to have a bit of privacy at night now (my neighbors across the street probably appreciate it too, haha). Then my mom cleaned my house while I was gone. Ah, I love my parents.

It was a good week of work, followed up with much needed hang out time with my friends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Going back to work on Monday was not easy and then I got really lazy this week! Aaaaahh, I need to keep up the momentum. I didn't get all of my to-do list done (big surprise) so there's still lots of work to do. I feel good about what we did finish though. It was a lot. Thanks awesome parents!