Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh Yeah...

And I've done some stuff:
Recycled Concrete Patio

Sulfur Buckwheat

Native Grape Vine (it produced 10 lbs of fruit and the best grape jelly ever)

First vegetable garden I've had in years.

Bread and Butter Pickles from my garden.

Inherited an espalier apple tree from a design client. 

My tomatoes were beautiful this year. 

Rusty nails and old wood.  That's my dad for ya!
Made a cake.
My dad can take credit for 95% of my new water heater shed!
Working on the recycled concrete patio.


  1. Your place is reflecting your love of horticulture and the historical nature of your house. And it's a joy to see you get/earn a break. I also see much more work in the future. DAD

  2. Love it all! I am so excited for you to have more time on your hands. Partly to see what projects you come up with, and partly so we can hang out more.

  3. These photos are absolutely wonderful (as is all the work that went into the making). Ditto what Dad and Molly said.