Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Staycation: Day 2

Although today wasn't completely work free (I had to be at a job site at 6:30 a.m. to lay out plants), it still ended up being pretty productive. My parents (who I might have mentioned are awesome) showed up bright and early and started working before I even got back for the job site. My dad kept working on the garage today and my mom and I spent a lot of time driving around town, gathering supplies. While it didn't feel as physically productive as yesterday, it was actually really useful. We got paint samples, bought fabric for the kitchen windows, went back and bought a gallon of paint for the bedroom after painting samples all over the walls and prepped my room for painting. After my parents left for the evening, I started painting my room. I got two of the four walls finished, but I'm exhausted, so I'll save the rest for tomorrow. It looks awesome so far, though! I should stay home from work more often :)

New plywood on the roof.

View from the roof.

The paint is called Slate Green, although it's actually more of a blue-grey. It's bluer than the photos makes it look.

Got a free shelf from my design client today!


  1. Wow! Love the new bedroom color.

    Maybe you should go get your new bed frame from ikea this weekend...

  2. Ooh. I want to come see the wall color in person! I wish we could paint our walls. Makes such a big difference.

  3. Yay Ash is back! Can't wait to see all your projects. I love that little house, its so stinking cute. Hurray for new beginnings