Thursday, October 27, 2011

Staycation: Day 3

Day three was a little more of day two. My dad finished putting all the new plywood on the room and I helped him nail it all in and draw chalk lines. It's all trimmed up now and ready for the roofing paper and whatever final material we decide to put on top. We had hope to do galvanized metal roofing, but the stuff we are finding is too expensive and really cheap quality, so we'll probably just go with asphalt shingles. Not exactly what I wanted, but I'm not terribly disappointed. At this point I'll just be glad to have a roof that doesn't leak and didn't cost me a fortune.

The painting in my room is all done and I love it! It's such a great change and feels so new. When I put my room back together, I took my moms suggestion and moved my bed in the corner between the windows. I don't know why I never thought that would work before. It's so much more spacious looking and it looks way better. I'm thinking about copying my older sister, Amy (which she has accused me of doing our whole life...justifiably) and buying a black metal bed frame from Ikea. I think it will really make the room look complete. It's this one:

Scout helps me blog.


  1. Definitely go get the bed frame! It is so cute. No one will ever know you copied Amy. ;)

  2. You have done so much, and it looks fantastic! Your parents really are the best workers, and so kind to be willing to do it. I remember them digging in and helping us so much when our rental house in Utah needed major work. Your plants and yard look so nice, too. So fun to see all the progress!

  3. You guys all need to come see the colors in person. The photo doesn't do justice to the really pretty grey-blue bedroom. The dining room color is also perfect.

  4. go get that bed frame, already! the greatest part is that it's high, so you can store a ton of stuff under it.